When he loses his job at the weather station, Charles decides to engage in some bold career experimentation.

He finds himself in a world where TV shows are made by autonomous submarines, wealthy people hide behind borrowed identities and beautiful girls appear out of nowhere.

This is his journey through an urban, rural, suburban and, ultimately, psychic labyrinth. In the middle stands a mythical figure who knows the way out.

Follow Charles through the wormhole.



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Captures a weird contemporary zeitgeist like no other novel we’ve found in the last decade or two. reading this book, we feel we’re entering yet another Brave New World.
— RE/Search Publications (Est. 1977)
Serving suggestion: best consumed thoughtfully with mushrooms
— Charles Poon

Sumeet Banerji is the author of Ice Party. Most of the book was written in an apartment with no internet on top of a tunnel in San Francisco. Some parts of it were also written in Bangalore, where he grew up.