When he loses his job at the weather station, Charles decides to engage in some bold career experimentation.

He finds himself in a world where TV shows are made by autonomous submarines, wealthy people hide behind borrowed identities and beautiful girls appear out of nowhere.

This is his journey through an urban, rural, suburban and, ultimately, psychic labyrinth. In the middle stands a mythical figure who knows the way out.

Follow Charles through the wormhole.



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Captures a weird contemporary zeitgeist like no other novel we’ve found in the last decade or two. reading this book, we feel we’re entering yet another Brave New World.
— RE/Search Publications (Est. 1977)
Serving suggestion: best consumed thoughtfully with mushrooms
— Charles Poon

Sumeet Banerji (b. 1989) is an artist and writer who was born in Texas and lived in Bangalore, India from the ages 6 to 18. As a teenager growing up in the world of computers, he was interested in making physical art with his hands. He studied sculpture and worked with stainless steel under Indian artist Balan Nambiar. He has traveled around South India studying temples and places of mythological significance, which he documented in his photo series Strange Places. He has designed several art books, one published by Art Heritage, New Delhi. He has a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating, Banerji moved to San Francisco where he worked as a designer at a hardware company which was later sold to Fossil Inc. and freelanced as a graphic and web designer. In 2015, he crowdfunded the publication of his first novel, Ice Party, which was praised by underground magazine publisher RE/SEARCH Publications for being able to “capture a weird contemporary zeitgeist like no other novel we’ve found." He designed and produced Ice Party under his publishing company Mushroom Books. He lives and works in San Francisco.